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In the Classroom

Frequently Asked Questions


We are continuing to build our frequently asked questions. If we have not answered a question you have please share your question. We would love to create a video or write a short answer for others to benefit from as well. 

Can I schedule a meeting with someone to ask questions and find out more?

We are excited to offer a number of informational nights called Paideia Preview this spring. If you are unable to attend a Paideia Preview, contact us to schedule a time to meet. 

How much is school tuition?

Grammar School (grades 1-6) tuition for the 2024-5 school year is $6,375 for the year, with an additional curriculum fee of $500. Kindergarten tuition for the 2024-5 school year is $3,400 (half day), with an additional $500 curriculum fee. Visit our Tuition page for more information. 

Is there a uniform or specific dress expectations?

Because we desire to create and promote an environment where dress is not a distraction to the educational process, we have very specific guidelines for dress. Our policy can be found here

Can I visit my student's classroom?

We welcome visits from parents always. We do ask that you schedule it in advance if you plan to visit the classroom. This will allow our teachers to plan for added variables that may affect classroom dynamics.

What does family and parent involvement look like at the school?

There are specific expectations for volunteer hours for all families. We have countless opportunities for parents to be involved at Paideia, whether it is as simple as making copies or supervising recess or as involved as working with reading groups or teaching mini lessons. Visit our Information and Policies for more information.

What curriculum do you use for each content area?

All of our curricula are listed under the Academics page and this list is updated each year.

What does the application process look like?

The application process includes attending an Paideia Preview (informational night), filling out an application, and completing a family interview. For a more detailed description, visit our Admissions page.

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