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Classical Christian Education

Embracing the Christian Worldview with Effective Education

The academic program at Paideia is a Classical Christian education which incorporates methods based on natural phases of student development, cultivates the seven Christian Virtues, trains student reasoning through the Trivium, and interacts with the historical Great Books.

Classical Christian Education: Academics

Classical Education Structure

The Trivium Pillars of Learning: Grammar, Logic, & Rhetoric

The Grammar Stage (K-6th Grade)

  • Focus on memory, imitation, and good habits of learning

  • Lay a solid foundation for all future learning with facts, spelling rules. grammar, and phonics

  • Not a time for abstract learning


The Logic Stage (7th - 8th Grade)

  • Focus on reasoning, researching, and discussing

  • Develop the use of logic and debate to gain understanding

  • Growing independence is taught and practiced


The Rhetoric Stage (9th - 12th grade)

  • Practice the skills to think critically and to communicate effectively while developing their own unique rhetorical style

  • Preparation for senior thesis project through rigorous writing and speech opportunities

Classical Christian Education: Academics
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